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Synonyms for sup

to take into the mouth and swallow (a liquid)

an act of drinking or the amount swallowed

Synonyms for sup

a small amount of liquid food


Related Words

take solid or liquid food into the mouth a little at a time either by drinking or by eating with a spoon

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Truth be told, Savage and the supes really deserve each other.
That's because the supes are subject to the state's Brown Act, which requires elected officials' meetings to be open to the public.
But I was overcome when he called me `Big Supes,' a term he normally reserves for himself and other superstars.
That's why some supes say we need a county mayor, someone who has the power to take charge of county government -- because they won't.
But Vargas was smart enough to let the Board of Supes down gently and not say what she really thought about the job.
If the supes really want to create a process for accountability, rather than simply create another job for one of them once term limits force the current lot out, they have the perfect opportunity to do so -- right now.
If the county's supes continue to shirk their duties, this could become a real threat.
On Tuesday, the supes approved a $200,000 study to examine the various options for what form their reconstructed HQ would take.
The county's emergency medical director, Carol Meyer, asked the supes to raise the assessment levied on property by 3.