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(particle physics) a theory that postulates that subatomic particles are one-dimensional strings

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Behind a cloud of virtual particles was Heterotic Superstring Theory, a hybrid of superstring and bosonic string.
Based on the observation that the two different theoretical results agree, it has been concluded that the results obtained by the calculation in Maldacena's theory include the quantum gravity effects correctly as the calculation in conventional superstring theory does.
Superstring theory was originally regarded as the most promising GUT, (49) as it held out the promise of also uniting gravitation with the other forces in a manner consistent with quantum mechanics.
Professor Costas Kounnas is one of the leading theoretical physicists in Europe, having made outstanding contributions to a wide range of fields, including theoretical particle physics, quantum field theory, supergravitation and superstring theory, and cosmology," the news release said.
Gleiser (theoretical physics, Dartmouth College) says that superstring theory is wrong, that it will never be proven, and that we should be content with the idea that nature is messy.
Likewise, Gillespie takes advantage of the six extra dimensions of space postulated in prominent forms of superstring theory.
This paper offers an inquiry into the line of arguments presented by Hawking and Mlodinow in their book The Grand Design and supported with the claim that the yet unknown version of the superstring theory, the M-theory, is an ultimate theory of the Universe.
He argues that the elegance (potentially) revealed in superstring theory offers more evidence for design, rather than explaining it away as an illusion.
Superstring theory says that particles are made of strings, and that their properties are determined by how they oscillate.
Superstring theory starts with suggestion about what is the lesser indivisible component of matter.
A whole host of issues like the Quantum Theory, Superstring Theory, Quantum-loop gravity, condensed matter physics, etc.
Using Peter Woit's Not Even Wrong as a primary source, this paper seeks to establish superstring theory as one that is fundamentally unscientific.
Another approach to connect the superstring theory to hadron description will be discussed below, called Light-Front Holography model.
Designed for graduate students and researchers in the fields of cognitive science, economics, finance, psychology and political science, this volume also describes probability models that can be applied to superstring theory and quantum cosmology.
Witten, Superstring theory, Cambridge University Press, 1978.