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United States golfer (born in 1939)

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We measured spontaneous motor activity in 12-week-old male offspring using a Supermex (Muromachi Kikai, Tokyo, Japan) (Masuo et al.
Dallas-born Trevino, nicknamed Supermex because his parents were Mexican, was a wise-cracking crowd favourite who won six majors between 1968 and 1984.
Jacklin later admitted that Trevino's casual chip-in from a grassy bank behind the green to par the 71st hole when SuperMex looked booked for a seven knocked all the guts out him, then and for ever.
There's even idle banter in Scottish cantinas of SuperMex Flores being flown across the Atlantic to partner Orientor in the Ayr Gold Cup.
TOM WATSON quoted Supermex Lee Trevino to sum up his opening round.