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a site where toxic wastes have been dumped and the Environmental Protection Agency has designated them to be cleaned up

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The former Reynolds Metals Company Superfund Site in Troutdale, Oregon, includes an 80-acre former wartime aluminum smelter and about 700 surrounding acres.
Harris County, home to Houston, has at least a dozen federal Superfund sites, more than any county in Texas.
The Superfund site is located on East Main Street on the south side of the NJ Transit Raritan Valley line railroad tracks near TD Bank Ballpark.
The cuts would eliminate more than 50 programs and 3,200 jobs, including a 30 percent reduction in Superfund site cleanup funding.
Regis Mohawk tribe living nearby and the city of Cornwall, Ontario, located two miles away, the EPA declared the location a Superfund site in 1984.
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However, Tar Creek Superfund Site had relatively low proportions of melanistic males among size classes C, D, and E.
About 85% of all Superfund sites involve groundwater contamination, according to Green Scissors, a coalition of more than 40 environmental, taxpayer, public health and consumer interest organizations.
Not just a Superfund site--a Superfund site that a cleanup contractor has dubbed "near the tip of the peak in terms of [cleanup] difficulty.
More than 40 percent of Californians live within four miles of a Superfund site,'' said Boxer, who noted that California is home to 114 polluted sites, including military bases, landfills and defense plants.
Once a Superfund site is identified, any individual, business, or government entity that has placed any amount of hazardous substance at that site can be held responsible for the entire cost of cleanup - even if the substances weren't considered dangerous when they were put there.
Identification and verification of the entity as a PRP for a Superfund site or becoming subject to RCRA facility permit requirements.
Because the law requires the EPA to favor permanent remedies, cleanup orders often are based on exaggerated, hypothetical risks, including the possibility of a child entering a Superfund site and eating a spoonful of dirt there regularly for at least 70 years before he'd have a significant problem.
The agency's proposal would cap transporter/generator liability for Superfund site clean up costs at approximately four percent, not the EPA recommendation that would have designated the municipal share at over 60 percent.
When a populated area like South Bend is situated so near a known toxic dump, the "imminent and substantial" risks to the community make it a Superfund site.
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