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the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide

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It's important to understand that Superfund taxes do not control the pace of cleanup, and the taxes have never correlated to EPA's annual Superfund budget, which is instead determined through the Congressional appropriations process.
A site may be placed on the Superfund list if the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry has issued a health advisory that recommends removing people from the site, EPA determines the site poses a significant threat to public health and the agency anticipates it will be more cost-effective to use its remedial authority than its emergency removal authority at the site.
The Superfund flagship fund, the Superfund Q-AG, has generated an annualised return of 19% since its inception in March 1996 and 31.
Sheila Kuehl, state Assemblywoman Julia Brownley, Assemblywoman Audra Strickland, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors and Los Angeles Councilman Greig Smith have all drafted letters urging Schwarzenegger to endorse Superfund status.
Over the years, Superfund investment funds have received over 40 tributes and awards recognizing the quality and performance of Superfund products - including a five-star rating by "Standard & Poor's" and a number of first place rankings from respected publications like the Wall Street Journal and MAR.
Before EPA's issuance in 1995 of land use guidance for evaluating the potential future public health risks at Superfund sites, its risk assessments usually would assume a future residential use scenario at a site, however unrealistic that assumption might be.
This sluggish pace takes on added seriousness in light of a new study finding that women living within a quarter mile of untreated Superfund sites face an increased risk of having babies with serious birth defects.
And if you want to know if the Republican-led Congress has any backbone, pay attention to two items that will be reauthorized: Superfund and the federal highway bill.
Most observers would agree that the current Superfund law is among the most poorly crafted and counterproductive statutes of recent years.
and Natural Resources (EENR) Steering Committee adopted policy amendments to the National Municipal Policy in the area of regionalism and decided to retain current policy on Superfund.
The ED includes six recognition benchmarks for liabilities related to Superfund sites and analogous benchmarks for liabilities for sites subject to RCRA corrective action.
When the superfund legislation was passed by Congress, it was thought there might be a few hundred abandoned waste disposal sites that would require significant remediation.
Charles Dickens wrote these words 142 years ago in his novel Bleak House, but he could easily have been describing the legal quagmire known as Superfund.
In 1983, California Gulch was among the first metal-mine-drainage sites named to the EPA's national Superfund priority cleanup list.
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