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the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide

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This increase in deletions reflects Administrator Pruitt's commitment to accelerating progress, reducing risks at Superfund sites and returning sites to productive use.
Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program.
Experts say that Superfund sites across the country--including Portland Harbor in Oregon, naval bases in Virginia and landfills in the Midwest--are at risk from the increasingly extreme weather and rising sea levels associated with climate change, and the longstanding methods for cleaning them may need to be rethought.
According to Superfund's latest report, its flagship Superfund Q-AG lost 24 per cent in 2009 and was down 6.
The company, which uses sophisticated computer software to run trades in commodity and financial futures, has come under financial pressure in the current market environment and is forced to cut costs and lay off staff, Superfund said in a statement.
Earlier studies of a small number of Superfund cleanups have found substantial benefits.
Administered by EPA, the Superfund program was created to address abandoned hazardous waste sites.
The Superfund trust fund has received revenue from four major sources: taxes on crude oil and certain chemicals, as well as an environmental tax assessed on corporations based upon their taxable income; appropriations from the general fund; fines, penalties, and recoveries from responsible parties; and interest accrued on the balance of the fund.
C[pounds sterling]Demand for managed futures funds is predominantly being driven by investors seeking to hedge against risks caused by high inflation, a low USD, poor equity markets and a global shortage of capital funding,C[yen] Bernd Kreuzinger, Director of Superfund Financial (Middle East) Ltd.
The community has been praying for a decade that this site would be added to Superfund list," said Dan Hirsch of the Committee to Bridge the Gap, a watchdog group that has followed the field lab controversy.
OBJECTIVE AND METHODS: I use event history analysis to evaluate the impact of Executive Order 12898 on the equitability of the Superfund program.
Now, the CAFO industry wants Congress to permanently exempt it from the Superfund liability and oversight.
Reauthorization of the Superfund law continues to be a major source of controversy among political leaders and environmental activists.
Environmental Protection Agency's Superfund program, which oversees the cleanup of toxic waste sites, has relied on a trust fund to pay for so-called "orphan" sites--places where the parties potentially responsible for the pollution have gone out of business or no longer exist.
Last year's Brown field Cleanup Program and refinancing of the State Superfund Law started a process in motion to promote the physical, economic and social revitalization of our communities," said Senator Carl L.
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