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an officer on a merchant ship in charge of the cargo and its sale and purchase

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It was the OROHENA, owned by Toriki, the half-caste trader, who served as his own supercargo and who doubtlessly was even then in the stern sheets of the boat.
The supercargo had noticed how the groups clinging at the bases of the other trees continually diminished.
When we were got on board and out of danger, we had time to examine into the occasion of this fray; and indeed our supercargo, who had been often in those parts, put me upon it; for he said he was sure the inhabitants would not have touched us after we had made a truce, if we had not done something to provoke them to it.
We took twenty as stout fellows with us as any in the ship, besides the supercargo and myself, and we landed two hours before midnight, at the same place where the Indians stood drawn up in the evening before.
So the supercargo and I, with the third man, went back to the boat, where we told them we would stay for them, and take care to take in as many of them as should be left; for I told them it was a mad thing they were going about, and supposed most of them would have the fate of Tom Jeffry.
My nephew, the captain, who was roused by his men seeing such a fire, was very uneasy, not knowing what the matter was, or what danger I was in, especially hearing the guns too, for by this time they began to use their firearms; a thousand thoughts oppressed his mind concerning me and the supercargo, what would become of us; and at last, though he could ill spare any more men, yet not knowing what exigence we might be in, he took another boat, and with thirteen men and himself came ashore to me.
He was surprised to see me and the supercargo in the boat with no more than two men; and though he was glad that we were well, yet he was in the same impatience with us to know what was doing; for the noise continued, and the flame increased; in short, it was next to an impossibility for any men in the world to restrain their curiosity to know what had happened, or their concern for the safety of the men: in a word, the captain told me he would go and help his men, let what would come.
I got nobody to come back with me but the supercargo and two men, and with these walked back to the boat.
Wise, then forty years old, had risen to the position of supercargo in the China trade and is said to have helped fit out the Royalist for Brooke's 1839 voyage, which included Brooke's first visit to Sarawak Proper.
An existing contract dated 1741 for Danish supercargo Christen Lintrup, suggests that this set of chairs may have been part of his original commission, along with a closely related bureau cabinet now in the Kunsindustemuseet, Copenhagen.
Branch offices in Korea, The United States of America, and Australia provide logistics, supercargo, engineering and freight forwarding to complement existing operations.
Despite the fact that the LCUs have a supercargo capacity of about zero, the LCU masters and crews went above and beyond to accommodate the JTF-PO SPOD team.
he was our blue-striped unicorn, our double-lensed burning glass, our consultant genius, our portable conscience, our supercargo, and our one full poet," as Buddy enumerates.
Sources in Gwadar Port Authority told reporter that the Gwadar is the sole port of the country having anchorage facility for supercargo ships.
Schilder (7) is of the opinion that the source for the Visscher map is Isaac Gilsemans, who was the cartographer and supercargo on board the Zeehaen.