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the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide

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Australian's have one of the highest levels of superannuation savings of any country in the world, with over $1 trillion (yes, trillion) in our super funds.
Whether former owners and operators of the property are liable under Super Fund depends on various facts, including whether the substances stored or released were hazardous (petroleum being excluded under Super Fund).
The federal government has released draft legislation that will require all super funds trustee funds to have an "independent" chair and that at least a third of their directors be "independent".
As the region prepares to bid for another JEREMIE super fund, there are a number of consultations being carried out and this leads to a certain amount of negativity regarding how high the default rates have been.
24, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Faith Family Freedom Fund, the super fund connected with Family Research Council Action (FRC Action), announced today the launch of a TV and radio ad campaign in the North Carolina Senate race.
D J Wall Super Fund (including registered holder) Note: Provide details
Self-Managed Super Fund trustees are responsible for prudent management of funds and investment decisions.
The article went on to say that the super fund reported gains $2.
The overwhelming majority of super fund members want more simplicity not more choice.
Vision Super Pty Ltd is the trustee of three separate entities: - Local Authorities Superannuation Fund, the principal super fund for employees of Victorian local authorities.
The option to take your super fund with you when you change jobs
Hence there has been a major lack of initiative to invest in companies undergoing longer-term strategies for competitiveness by institutional super fund investors.
For illustration purposes let us call it the National Development Super Fund (NDSF).
The Super Fund divided its holding to 10% and Infratil sold its entire 20 percent interest.