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the federal government's program to locate and investigate and clean up the worst uncontrolled and abandoned toxic waste sites nationwide

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Deanne Stewart said that product bundling in group insurance could lead to super fund members paying for unnecessary cover.
Whilst the British Business Bank feels that one super fund would have a greater impact than a smaller fundmanaged approach, the NELEP is concerned that the opposite could be true for our region and we could lose out significantly if we are unable to be in direct control of our own funds.
It is designed to modernise and streamline the superannuation process, and make it easier for employees who don't nominate a specific super fund to their employer.
So, white we all cope with restraint and tightened health budgets, ar reduced health budgets, the Government does very well, thanks, with our money in ACC and NZ Super funds.
However, a spokesman for the New Zealand super fund refused to comment on its participation on the investment but said it was obvious HRL Morrison & Co operate an infrastructure mandate on the New Zealand Super Fund s behalf.
Super fund members now have the option to leave their super with their fund when they retire, rather than take it as a lump sum.
Hence there has been a major lack of initiative to invest in companies undergoing longer-term strategies for competitiveness by institutional super fund investors.
Through NWTF's Hunting Heritage Super Fund, volunteers donate money to further the work government agencies do on the ground.
For illustration purposes let us call it the National Development Super Fund (NDSF).
For example, when a $25 million Super Fund cleanup contract from the EPA was up for grabs in Ft.
In earlier years, we've honoured disabled athletes, super fund raisers, tireless community workers and people who have helped others to overcome the difficult times.
Recently, an elementary school in Houston, Texas, was forced to close because of its proximity to a Super Fund site.
If youre not sure whether you should consolidate your accounts, check with your super fund who can advise you on issues such as insurance that may be attached to your accounts.