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school meeting on Sundays for religious instruction

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They don't think nothing of pulling a shot-tower up by the roots, and belting a Sunday-school superinten- dent over the head with it -- or any other man.
Mary was soon ready, and the three children set out for Sunday-school -- a place that Tom hated with his whole heart; but Sid and Mary were fond of it.
He would get quite mad if I wanted so much as to join a Sunday-school treat.
Tell me, now," he added, with the air of a bishop addressing a Sunday-school, "did you happen to observe whether the creature could cross its thumb over its palm?
Is there any human being, I wonder, besides the hero of a Sunday-school "tale for boys," who ever gets up willingly?
The years that had passed since Joe had attended the village Sunday-school had weakened his once easy familiarity with the characters of the Old Testament.
Was there ever a more mild-mannered, Sunday-school young man?
Then he flew off about lemonade, and "such-like Sunday-school slops," as he termed them, ginger-beer, raspberry syrup, &c.
Some day-schools were formed soon after freedom, but the principal book studied in the Sunday-school was the spelling-book.