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  • noun

Synonyms for Sunday

the Sabbath


  • the Sabbath
  • the Lord's day

Synonyms for Sunday

first day of the week

United States evangelist (1862-1935)

References in classic literature ?
We rest on Sunday, because the commandment requires it; the Germans rest on Sunday because the commandment requires it.
Briggs would give you a sovereign every Sunday morning, I would not have you a seven-days' cabman again.
I know it's not Saturday," Lady Muriel replied; "but isn't Sunday often called 'the Christian Sabbath'?
Well, if you MUST say dreadful words don't say them on Sunday," pleaded Dora.
You shouldn't have been thinking about your sleeves in Sunday school.
But the quarry was doomed to pass out of his plans for a time, for on the following Sunday he rode alone.
I have read, in another account of these events, that on Sunday morning "all London was electrified by the news from Woking.
Well, all I know is, I shall never read Shakespeare on Sunday," said Felicity loftily.
That Sunday, the Rostovs went to Mass at the Razumovskis' private chapel as usual.
The room in the bell tower of the church, where on Sunday mornings the minister prayed for an in- crease in him of the power of God, had but one window.
Joe being still absent, Martin procured a Sunday paper and lay down in a shady nook under the trees.
The Sunday services, the week-day prayer meeting, the missionary teas, even the suppers and socials were becoming less and less well attended.
Macey; "and my advice is--have you got a Sunday suit?
Thee't see her again o' Sunday afore she goes," were her first words.
Forthwith he grew proud and boastful: and, our raid with the Mary Rebecca on the Sunday salmon fishers having wrought fear in their hearts, he sent a challenge up to Benicia.