Sunda Islands

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a chain of islands in the western Malay Archipelago

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Some scholars have identified it with Sumbawa or one of the other Lesser Sunda Islands but it is more likely to be Madura: note Afonse's orientation of the Madura channel, NW to SE, which is correct.
Main conclusions: Although low sea levels during the Pleistocene in all probability facilitated the dispersal of freshwater crabs among the Greater Sunda islands (excluding Sulawesi, which is not part of the Sunda Shelf), there is no complete Pleistocene geographical admixture of species, and pre-Pleistocene biogeographical patterns were retained.
The species is known in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Moluccas Islands, and New Guinea (Magill 1980; Touw 1992).
The female of Phrynus exsul Harvey is described from Rinca Island, Komodo Island National Park in the Lesser Sunda Islands, eastern Indonesia.
Scientists discovered traces of a civilization wiped out during a volcanic eruption on Sumbawa, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands.
These are the hot spots: Philippines; Gulf of Guinea (off the west coast of Africa); Sunda Islands, Indonesia; southern Mascarene Islands (Indian Ocean); eastern coastal waters of South Africa; northern Indian Ocean; waters of southern Japan, Taiwan, and southern China; Cape Verde Islands (off West Africa); western Caribbean; and the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.
Lamaholot is an Austronesian koda kiwa "language of the hinterland" used by more than 200,000 speakers in the eastern part of Flores and other smaller Sunda Islands.
It is also found in Maluku and Borneo, known as the Greater Sunda Islands of Indonesia.
elata), native to the monsoon forests of the Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia, is an impressive 16-18 ft (5-6 m) long and bears millions of flowers that form hundreds of thousands of fruits.
4), and omits any mention either of the important role played by the Dominicans in the Lesser Sunda Islands in the development of the Timorese sandalwood trade, or of the subsequent dependence of Macau on that trade.
Catholicism arrived on the island of Flores in the eastern Lesser Sunda Islands in about 1520, carried in the minds of Portuguese traders, soldiers, and priests in search of spices, sandalwood, and souls for Christ.
Located among the Sunda Islands in the west of the Pacific Ocean, which is the world's third largest island?
Philippines * Gulf of Guinea Islands * Sunda islands (Indonesia) * Southern Mascarene islands (near Madagascar) * Eastern South Africa * Northern Indian Ocean * Southern Japan, Taiwan and southern China * Cape Verde Islands * Western Caribbean * Red Sea and Gulf of Aden
Fox, "The Transformation of Progenitor Lines of Origin: Patterns of Precedence in Eastern Indonesia", compares the concept of origin groups in six societies of the Lesser Sunda islands with the ultimate goal of determining "how these relationships may be transformations of one another".