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Synonyms for sunglasses

spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun

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This decrease can be removed using sun glasses, especially gray and brown colored lenses.
Currently rents surf boards and paddle boards plus a full line of beach apparel IE; sun glasses, swim suits, sun lotions etc.
Lad & Turner Opticians of Wylde Green have sponsored the event and donated sun glasses for a raffle.
Brought up into the daylight, the miners all wore dark sun glasses, sensibly.
Top line detail Aviator sun glasses, EUR17, Topshop
The man was also described as wearing a dark green, wax-type jacket with a hood and dark sun glasses.
Ironically, it is the time of year when motorists are least likely to carry sun glasses, even though it is precisely when they may need them most," he says.
SLAP on a wide-brimmed sun hat to protect your head, neck and shoulders, and a pair of sun glasses with UV protection.
It's nice for them to see the human side of police officers, instead of just sun glasses and a ticket book.
Here'syour chance to win a pair of Vogue sun glasses worth pounds 95
The mix of retailers and merchants for opening weekend includes clothing, edgy fashions, mobile phones, furniture, home decor, professional art, designer shoes, premium candy, snow cones, gelato ice cream, hot tubs and spas, sun glasses, granite etchings, discount books, custom framing and even a recording studio.
Ideas for boys include cars, small musical instruments, puzzles, sun glasses or felt tip pens.
Santa (left) in sun glasses and and sun hat as (above) Kin Jarvis puts the finishing touches to a Christmas display at Harrods Christmas shop in London.
The star, 45, wearing his trademark sun glasses and black hooded top, took time out from U2's Vertigo world tour to chill out in Malibu.
With a pair of sun glasses perched atop his dark, curly hair, and wearing a sweater and lizard boots, he recalled that race with pleasure.