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an island in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa

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Jamal bin Hassan al-Musawi, Director of the Sultanate's National Museum presented the first lecture in which he discussed the emergence of indirect relations between Omani and Russian civilizations in the bronze age 5,000 years ago and the development of trade relations during the Islamic era during the Abbasi State in the 10th Century and the beginning of direct links, as well as the visit by the Russian merchant Afanasy Nikten to the end of the 15th Century, in addition to family, cultural and trade relations between the Sultanate of Zanzibar and Tsarist Russia and the efforts to open a Consulate of Russia in Musca in 1904.
Khalifa is the twelfth son of Sheikh-Sir Mbarak bin Ali al Hinawy (KBE), the former liwali (governor) of Mombasa, part of the erstwhile Sultanate of Zanzibar.
The book touches upon the fall of the Al-Nabhani dynasty in East Africa, Indian immigrants in the region, the power struggle in the Arab Sultanate of Zanzibar in the 19th century and the status of slavery in Zanzibar up until it was forbidden in 1897.
Zanzibar was the most important entrepot in the region when the Sultanate of Zanzibar was eastern Africa's largest economic power during the 18th and 19th centuries.
Other historic attractions dating from the Sultanate of Zanzibar are the ruins of the Maruhubi Palace built to house Sultan Barghash's harem - said to have numbered more than 100 concubines - and the Mtoni Palace, built for Sultan Said, ruler from 1804 to 1856 on the site of the original house belonging to Salih bin Harmali, who is credited with introducing the clove to the islands around 1828.