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Synonyms for Sully

Synonyms for Sully

Synonyms for Sully

United States painter (born in England) of portraits and historical scenes (1783-1872)


French statesman (1560-1641)

place under suspicion or cast doubt upon

make dirty or spotty, as by exposure to air

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Brownfield sites outside Sully should be developed rather than the agricultural green belt in Cog, the group says.
Sully made a couple of half chances, but they were made to pay for a lack of creativity when Fahiya made sure of the result on 74 minutes.
When Alfred Sully arrived in California, that convulsive American takeover--to which the Mexican War was merely a prelude--was just beginning.
We are excited about the prospects to expand our presence into the Irish marketplace with our Hain Celestial and Daniels brands and to expand Cully & Sully chilled fresh soups into the United Kingdom.
Kenleigh Owen's 20-yarder was well saved by Sully keeper Lee Piotrowski before good work by Mike Edwards set up Gibbs who shot too hurriedly and off target.
The game turned again as David Hanson scored, followed by captain Ike Attah, and the speedy Pierre Sully closed the game up.
Vince and the men screamed and beat the machine with shovels to alert the oblivious Sully of the flaming and thrashing hose.
Billy Crystal is great in freeflowing gag form, while John Goodman makes sure Sully is actually just the cute and fuzzy creature that Boo suspects he is.
Sully took charge at Bosworth seven years ago and helped to guide them from East Midlands/Leicestershire One into Midlands One with four promotions.
six-foot film star Mike and his pal Sully from the hit movie Monsters Inc.
The protesters are just going to sully the image of Los Angeles anyway - so get rid of them, before they get the chance to do their sullying.
Wimbledon keeper Sully reckons international pals David Weir, Don Hutchison and John Collins will give him a roasting if he lets them stick one past him at Selhurst Park.
In "Nobody's Fool," Paul Newman seems so much at home as Sully, a construction worker in the upstate New York town of North Bath, that one could easily forget he's acting.
TSX-V:OMM) provides the following update on exploration drilling at the Sully project, located near Fort Steele in southeastern British Columbia.