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Synonyms for herbicide

a chemical agent that destroys plants or inhibits their growth

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Sulfentrazone controls many economically important weeds, including morningglory and nutsedge.
FMC has invested significantly in developing sulfentrazone and associated production technology, as well as in establishing the strong reputation of Spartan and Authority brands in the minds of our customers," said Marc Hullebroeck, North America and EMEA vice president and business director, FMC Agricultural Solutions.
The combination of cloransulam-methyl and sulfentrazone will give soybean producers a preplant-to-preemergence tool to control a broad spectrum of weeds ahead of post-glyphosate applications.
and our strategy to de-emphasize sulfentrazone sales in soybeans.
Sales were down reflecting lower sulfentrazone sales to DuPont; however, earnings in 2001 included a one-time, profit protection payment from DuPont of $20 million.
More than half of the earnings decline was due to the previously announced lack of sulfentrazone sales to DuPont, for which DuPont had made an offsetting profit protection payment in the second quarter of 2001.
Earnings increased, reflecting higher sales and an additional sulfentrazone profit protection payment from DuPont.
Lower sales reflected lower insecticide sales to Asia and the lack of sulfentrazone sales to DuPont, which were partially offset by sulfentrazone sales to new and existing markets that are actively being developed.
Margins improved due to a stronger sales mix of higher-margin insecticides as well as lower operating costs, which included lower personnel expenses due to a restructuring and favourable manufacturing performance, especially for sulfentrazone and pyrethroids.