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a mountainous island in eastern Indonesia

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According to UPC Renewables, the Sidrap wind farm-named after the host town-was initially 'scheduled to be producing power to the South Sulawesi .
The observations conducted by researchers in the field shows that the results of learning the basics of dance in South Sulawesi specifically four-ethnic incompatible with the purpose of learning, because the courses are only two (2) credits with learning device that do not support the implementation of the process of learning, and learning materials include dance four ethnic groups, namely Bugis, Makassar, Mandar and Toraja also has not been implemented properly.
Therefore, we could not determine whether the treponemal strains from NHPs in Sulawesi resembled strains that cause human yaws.
Police said the men, part of China's Uighur minority, had joined Santoso, a militant in Poso in central Sulawesi, who is Indonesia's most high-profile backer of IS, and has been on the run for more than three years.
Testing is also being carried out to verify whether PU-PERA BWS Sulawesi I's quickly recording and sharing changes in the river's water level through this system enables effective condition assessment for river management.
floresiensis was a diminutive hominid that lived roughly 500 kilometers south of Sulawesi on the island of Flores at around the same time the Sulawesi tools were made.
SpiceRoads Cycle Tours, the leading bicycle operator in Asia for more than a decade, has launched a tour in Sulawesi, Indonesia.
JAKARTA, Indonesia, Rabi'II 02, 1437, January 12, 2016, SPA -- A strong earthquake struck off North Sulawesi province in central Indonesia, but there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties, according to AP.
The search and rescue operation was intensified and expanded Thursday, head of National Disaster Management Agency in Wajo district of South Sulawesi Alamsyah said.
The fibreglass ferry was on its way from Kolaka in Southeast Sulawesi province, crossing the Gulf of Bone to Siwa town with 110 passengers and 12 crew, when it was overwhelmed by waves more than three metres (10ft) high during stormy weather on Saturday afternoon, said Roki Asikin, head of the search and rescue agency in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi.
The accident occurred in Sulawesi Island after the ship had been hit by high waves resulting in breaking down of its engine, the authorities said.
Summary: The development of export and import activity in Indonesia's North Sulawesi is arguably more encouraging.
Five of the islands - Panay, Papua, Bali, Sumba and Sulawesi - will open as planned next month, as will the Lazy River Boat Trip.
Development of processed cocoa products, as one of the Center of Excellence in Southeast Sulawesi sub economic corridor, would require the availability of skilled human resources and appropriate technologies.
A find in a reefal play raised possibilities of future prospects in the complex area of the Banda Arc, lying between Sulawesi and Papua.