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Indonesian statesman who obtained the independence of Indonesia from the Netherlands in 1949 and served as president until ousted by Suharto in a coup d'etat (1901-1970)

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In voting against the treaty, the 12 senators, like Presidents Sukarno and Duterte, in effect told the United States to 'go to hell with your aid.
From 1960, Liu writes, the political and cultural visions of Sukarno and Pramoedya dominated.
Both Sukarno and Suharto were generals before they became presidents.
In particular, the support of the United States was vital, as it emerged as the key player in Indonesia following the collapse of Sukarno and the Indonesian Communist Party (PKI).
The coup referred to by Hunter (a political analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency for 23 years) in the title of her book is not the toppling of Indonesian president Sukarno and assumption of power by General Suharto, but instead the preceding failed attempt to establish a military junta by the "30th of September Movement" in response to an alleged CIA-sponsored opposing coup conspiracy by the so-called "Council of Generals.
Sukarno era admirador de mas de una Senorita Mexico.
She then wrote economic analyses for both the Sukarno government and the PKI, the Indonesian communist party.
17, 1945, just two days after the surrender of Japan in World War II, Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta signed the Indonesian Proclamation of Independence.
Former Indonesian President Megawati Sukarnoputri and late North Korean leader Kim Jong Il were close friends, dating back to their first encounter in 1964 when she accompanied her father, then Indonesian President Sukarno, on a visit to Pyongyang.
Suharto, who took the presidency in a coup against the republic's founder Sukarno in 1967 but was forced to step down in May 1998, had transformed Indonesia into an emerging industrial power.
The Sukarno file, 1965-1967; chronology of a defeat.
However, the benign naval environment changed drastically as Confrontation took a dangerous turn in August and September 1964, when Sukarno expanded the conflict by landing troops in Peninsular Malaysia, hitherto untouched by the undeclared war in the Borneo jungles except for isolated acts of terrorism and subversion.
La transicion politica en Indonesia esta signada por personajes integrados al circulo de poder: La presidenta es hija del legendario lider Sukarno y postulada por el Partido Democratico Indonesio para la Lucha (PDIL), mientras Yudhoyono fungio como ex ministro de seguridad del actual gobierno.
Romulo Sapitula, announced the arrest of Saadodin Badron, 26, a native of Marawi City who now resides in Manila; Sukarno Bansil, 37, and Mahatir Malaco, 23, both residents of Upper Bicutan, Taguig City.
Indonesian President Sukarno asked Japanese Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda in 1964 to send a mission to monitor a cease-fire between Indonesia and Malaysia, declassified Japanese diplomatic documents revealed Monday.