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A speaker Tahir Mehmood said that the origin of Islamic Sufism i.
Expressing his firm believe Professor Saeed Ahmed said the message and teachings of Sufism are universal and timeless.
International and national policymakers should understand the role of Sufism and utilise it accordingly for the betterment of society, they suggested.
My real learning came through my mother and her work on Sufism.
The Waqfs Ministry, which is in charge of mosques in Egypt, launched a drive this month aimed at promoting Sufism against what it called "attempts by hardliners to distort" it.
RAWALPINDI:National Council for Sufism in collaboration with Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) Friday organized a seminar on 'Allama Iqbal; life, Philosophy and Unity of Muslim Nation' to mark 140th birth anniversary of Dr Allama Mohammad Iqbal.
31 ( ANI ): Panelists attending the second Sindh Literature Festival here over the weekend have said that the ethos of Sufism is under siege from militant outfits and called for adopting a counter-narrative to defy growing militancy in the region.
Sufism is a mystic sect within Islam that aims to recognize God's divine love directly through personal experience.
In Holistic Islam: Sufism, Transformation, and the Needs of Our Time, Kabir Helminski debunks myths about Islam.
In just the past few decades, Sufism has managed to entrench itself within various segments of our society.
Madani had claimed that Sufism was not part of Islam as it did not find any place in the Quran or the Hadith.
She stumbles upon solace in the Muslim contemplative way of Sufism, a spiritual path rooted in love of God the Beloved.
Sufism or Tasawwuf is the inner mystical dimension of Islam.
Sufism is a mystical and spiritual philosophy intimately connected to Islam; at its core, Sufism is about returning humanity to unity with God, and treasuring the values of peace, love, beauty, and wisdom.
This book explores how artists practice their craft work in the contexts of Sufism and daily life in central Senegal.