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a Muslim who represents the mystical dimension of Islam

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The Muslim Clerics preach the teaching of Sufi saint and give the insight on Koran and Islam.
The second rubric elaborates the surrounding mental and physical landscapes that transform and are transformed by circulating Sufi elements.
Some Sufi parties emerged after the country's uprising, though Sufis have largely stayed on the peripheries of politics while Islamists plunged in to dominate politics.
Apart from Bickram Ghosh and Parwati Kumari who promise to end the show with their own version of ' Mast Kalandar', Kavita Seth ( Iktara fame), specialised in Sufi music will render some of her own compositions.
Sufi worked," said CAIR-Ohio Legal Director Jennifer Nimer.
In the colonial era the powerful Sanusi Sufi brotherhood fought against the Italian occupiers with the help of Britain, and after the liberation of the country Idris asSanusi, head of the Sanusis, was elected the first king of Libya.
And, on Saturday, in broad daylight, Salafist activists brought in a bulldozer to flatten the Sidi Al-Sha'ab shrine, which was centuries old and contained 50 graves considered sacred by Sufi Muslims.
The Sufis of Sindh promoted the essence of peace and love in their teaching.
Symphony of Sufi music can provide much-needed respite and counter-narrative to such challenges.
The other competing list is 'For the Love of Egypt', on which the head of the Supreme Council of Sufi Orders, Abdel Hadi Al-Qasabi, is running.
The memorial ceremony began at the Central Jamia Ghamkol Sharif mosque in Small Heath, which was founded by Sufi Abdullah in 1996 following a PS4m fundraising campaign.
He said in a press statement on Sunday the Sufi orders in Sudan are ready to carry out their duty in confronting religious extremism and raise awareness among the citizens in order to spare the country and the Sudanese people the consequences of violence, terrorism and extremism.
The Pakistani singer, perhaps the most popular female Sufi singer in the world, is usually seen in a trance-like state on stage, sweating profusely.
Ancient Sufi Invocations & Forgotten Songs from Aleppo
Summary: Group Sufi Rights accuses Italian fashion designer of hijacking symbol to promote his JustCavalli perfume.