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a Muslim who represents the mystical dimension of Islam

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Posting multiple videos and a picture of his visit to a Sufi shrine, Riz wrote, 'Many people think of Islam as austere and somber.
A Sufi teaches about the purification of heart (the 'inner-self'), reaching to the Divine Truth, love, harmony, peace, cooperation and mutual trust.
Though he earned his name in flour business, Dr Sufi had done his doctorate in applied psychology from the Punjab University and served as president of the Pakistan Psychologists Association for many years.
On the intellectual scene then, the Sufi instincts of Sindh, South Punjab and other parts of the country, or even the rest of South Asia, did not matter.
He said that Sufi poetry is based on realities and truth and touches the hearts of people.
She said that her new album would be a gift for Sufi music lovers in Pakistan and world.
The Sufi poetry disseminated the message of peace, stability and strengthening brotherhood among human beings.
Having bad health condition, Sufi Muhammad , father-in-law of the TTP chief Mullah Fazlullah was released from central prison Peshawar amid tight security arrangements.
The lawyer requested the court to accept the bail plea of Sufi Maulana for medical purposes.
They stand in rows and start their Dhikr session, a devotional practice by Sufi Muslim mystics.
Summary: New Delhi [India], Nov 25 (ANI): Sufi artists from across the world have converged into Ajmer in Rajasthan for the 10th International Sufi Rang Festival 2017.
In mid-July, authorities blocked two sites run by the Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi order.
This first of three conferences in a five-year research project focused on adab in Sufi thought and practice, and the proceedings cover the formation and formulations of Sufi adab; adab as ethics: norm and transgression within the three monotheisms; genres of Sufi adab: manuals, hagiographies, and adab as literature; and Sufi abad and modernity.
Scholar Kalim Shinwari effectively defended his doctorate thesis on Sufi thoughts of Ameer Hamza Khan Shinwari popularly known as Baba-e-Pashto ghazal.
Marietta Bahri Della Penna proves so in her spiritual memoir, Song of a Christian Sufi.