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a city in northeastern Egypt at the head of the Gulf of Suez and at the southern end of the Suez Canal

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According to Haitham Abdel Fattah, Head of the Treasury and Money Market Department at the Industrial Development and Workers Bank of Egypt, in spite of the NBE and Banque Misr's returns, it is unlikely that citizens will abandon the Suez Canal certificates because they will incur losses.
GCMC Chief Executive Officer and President Eric Caridroit said, "GDF SUEZ Energy Resources understands what it takes to be a true business ally.
Suez will announce the new structure in February or March, a company executive who asked to remain anonymous told Reuters.
Philip Olivier, CEO of GDF SUEZ LNG said GDF SUEZ has been active in the LNG business since 1965 and is still today at the edge of innovation and new development in a growing market for LNG.
On Tuesday, the chairman of the Suez Canal Authority said the agency would build a new canal alongside the near 145-year-old historic waterway.
Speaking to Egyptian television, Chairman and Managing Director of the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) Admiral Mohab Mohamed Hussien Mameesh said that the authorities did not receive any orders to deny US marine vessels from entering and crossing the Suez Canal.
GDF SUEZ E&P UK Ltd has awarded two significant contracts to Petrofac Offshore Engineering & Operations (OE&O), which will create an estimated 100 new jobs in the North Sea over the next five years.
GDF Suez report they want to enter the Bulgarian market now because there are signs of recovery, but do not plan to sell electricity inside the country rather purchase electric power from local producers and offer it in Romania, Greece and Turkey.
At that time there were many colonial "hot spots" to be policed around the world and one in particular was the gateway to the East - the Suez Canal zone of Egypt where, by 1951, nationalism was becoming the new rising force around the region.
SUEZ Energy Resources NA, the retail energy business of GDF SUEZ Energy North America, has named Robert A.
The deliberations included the current and future work flow of "Q-Suez services", the result of the cooperation between Al Qudra Holding and Suez Environment, which has made significant progress in its scope of work within and outside UAE.
Olivier joined SUEZ Energy International in 1995, initially as Vice President Distribution and Transport, before taking up the leadership of the Distribution & Transport department in 2000.
The French government, which owns 80% of GDF, was keen to prevent Suez from merging with the Italian energy company Enel.
Maritime Administrator said, "The reason this program is so critical is that through it SUEZ starts the pipeline to reintroduce U.
This week the Suez Medal dropped through the letter box of George Thomas, at his home in Ffordd y Felin, Dolgellau.