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Synonyms for suer

a man who courts a woman

someone who petitions a court for redress of a grievance or recovery of a right


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Do the mothers of stutterer use different communication styles than the mothers of suent children?
Un ecrivain, est-ce donc un faineant, assis a l'ombre de sa galerie, fixant la crete des montagnes des heures durant pendant que les autres suent leur sueur sous le chaud soleil du Bon Dieu?
But it stressed that the use of postcodes was not creating a North/South divide on annuity pricing, adding that every city had areas where at Suent people lived and areas where less af-Suent people lived.
Les joueurs, soumis a un biquotidien, suent sous une chaleur torride dont le mercure atteint des pics de 35A, et un taux d'humidite assez eleve.