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Synonyms for Sudra

a member of the lowest or worker Hindu caste

the lowest of the four varnas: the servants and workers of low status


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El sistema presenta algunas oposiciones importantes: la primera, brahmanes, ksatriyas y vaisyas frente a sudras, puesto que los primeros son dvijati, nacidos dos veces, son mas puros y se ocupan de labores propias de su clase, mientras que los otros son mas impuros y sirven a las otras castas.
Los sudra constituian la clase obrera encargada de los servicios de mano de obra.
Matilda Churchill reporting from Bobbilli was shocked to realize that the Sudras, who were "least" in the Hindu hierarchy and were employed by her husband, refused to eat their food because her hat "happened to touch" their lunch pots.
Since marketable agricultural produce was taxed at high rates as discussed below, strong financial incentives existed to divert resources to untaxed Sudra households, partially switch to the production and off-market exchange of capital goods (e.
Sudra was well backed to land a Southwell seller on New Year's Day and now that he has hit form he can go in again tomorrow.
Further, he notes that Sudra were depicted as behaving like dogs in matters of sex in contrast to those with caste because of Sudra disregard for certain calendrical prohibitions such as the birthday of the wife, a full moon or the day preceding it, and the new moon.
David Barron was the trainer to follow with a 71-1 treble through Sudra (8-11), Massey (11-1) and Bolshoi Ballet (5-2).
30 - 1, ARC (J Fanning) 6-1; 2, Donna's Double (R Winston) 11-4 Fav; 3, Sudra 4-1.
In other words, Brahmanic values deny the existence of Sudra values not shared by Brahmans (the space coded 01) and all other non-Brahmanic, non-Sudra religious values in the Universe of discourse.
272: "If a Sudra insolently gives any religious or moral advice to a Brahmana, the king shall cause hot oil to be poured into his mouth and ears".
He does not explicitly equate jati with caste, but, says Eltschinger, we may safely say that for him "the alleged differences of class between the Brahmin and the sudra are not differences of intrinsic nature but nominal and institutional differences" (p.
The funding will come under the wider response of the Anglican Communion given to the local relief arm of the Church, SUDRA.
VARSHA Sudra lost precious son Yajay to a random knife attack as he was walking back to his Birmingham home.
KFH deposits are five-year investment deposit, Kawthar, continuous investment deposit, three-year investment deposit, Sudra investment deposit, and investment deposits in US dollars, sterling pound, and euro.
Lamah Prince (left) went out to buy some chips but ended up knifing 21 yearold Yajay Sudra (right) as he tried to grab the victim's bag, which contained a laptop computer.