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a region of northern Africa to the south of the Sahara and Libyan deserts

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Early in 1993 the Sudan Human Rights Organization (SHRO) was abolished and many of its most active members were forced into exile, primarily in Cairo, Egypt, but also to Asmara, Eritrea and London, all locales becoming centers of democratic opposition.
It's a great honor for me to help bring Channel One News another Peabody Award with our coverage of the tragic situation in Sudan, and I really hope it made an impact on our viewers," said Seth Doane, Anchor/Correspondent, Channel One News.
Khartoum's approval, the official further stated, would facilitate the transfer of about 1,000 tonnes of food aid to areas affected by lack of food, especially those adjacent to the Sudan border, stressing that opening the humanitarian corridor will reduce transport costs, and will contribute to the rapid delivery of this emergency aid.
Despite policy differences, the United States has been a major donor of humanitarian aid to Sudan throughout the last quarter century.
Disagreements over transport fees and allegations of stolen oil motivated South Sudan to stop exporting crude altogether this January, a move that immediately strangled both economies.
This is an infringement on the sovereignty of Sudan and a clearly illegal act," he told reporters.
South Sudan gained independence from Sudan in July following a 2005 peace treaty that ended five decade war between the both sides.
The Government of South Sudan has limited capacity to deter crime or provide security to travelers outside of the capital city of Juba.
and chair of the Sudan Divestment Task Force, a group that has pushed Sudan divestment to the top of IHE agendas.
JANUARY 2005 saw the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the Government of Sudan and the South Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM) after 22 years of civil war.
Sudan is in the popular news these days and for those who have lamented its long-time obscurity one might be happy about this.
lepidum is also an important vector of heartwater, especially in eastern Sudan (4).
As reports of gang rapes, bloody massacres, and village demolitions in Darfur, Sudan, flooded the news media this fall, Secretary of State Colin Powell went before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to characterize the carnage as "genocide.
For eighteen years, Eric Diek lived a modest life in Dafur, Western Sudan.