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Then the complete succession rule is the following:
Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, last month told MPs that there has been a "de facto" change in the succession rules.
There may be cases in which companies are unable to utilize succession rules because the need for succession is unanticipated and occurs suddenly.
With Bush often dispatching Vice President Dick Cheney to a secure and separate location for security reasons, Sherman has also proposed a change in presidential succession rules.
Tentatively and optimistically, Jaski suggests that flexibility about succession rules might be advantageous.
A suit attacking the DHCR's tenant succession rules on constitutional grounds.
Cameron wrote this month to fellow Commonwealth leaders describing the succession rules as "an anomaly" that should be ended.
A FIRST-born baby girl for Wills and Kate could be Queen even if she has a younger brother - after David Cameron backed plans to change age-old male-first succession rules.
Summary: It will "take some time" to change royal succession rules to allow a first-born daughter to take the throne, David Cameron has said.
Its lack of clear succession rules, as we know them, led to bloody civil conflicts and murders of near relatives.
It can help to speak to a specialist first, who will be able provide advice on a wide range of issues from local tax, inheritance and foreign succession rules to existing planning permissions and planning laws.
Panel discusses imperial succession rules on female monarch
Other holiday destinations, such as France, also have restrictive land ownership succession rules.