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(medicine) something that can be used as a substitute (especially any medicine that may be taken in place of another)

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It may be used as succedaneous of "classical"neutralizcrs such as AMP (aminomcthylpropanol), TEA, sodium hydroxide, etc.
2] Additionally, researchers unanimously agree that dental trauma to primary teeth can lead to alterations in the succedaneous dentition, especially in cases of intrusive luxation and avulsion.
This paper enlightens with its well-constructed execution and delivery and provides further evidence that diseases, such as erosion, in the primary dentition serve as timeous indicators of potential disease in the succedaneous dentition and at a time whereby prevention can be key to avoiding further disease.
In 1947, Hays Nance (11) taught us that there is a difference between the space occupied by the deciduous canines and molars in both arches and that needed by the succedaneous permanent canines and premolars.
The adult teeth that replace baby ones are called succedaneous teeth.
To minimize periapical injury and possible damage to the succedaneous tooth, the root length should be carefully determined without exceeding the apex.
Interrelation between fusions in the primary dentition and agenesis in the succedaneous permanent dentition seen from an embryological point of view.