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a loudspeaker that is designed to reproduce very low bass frequencies

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Our JBL subwoofers are engineered to fit the unique audio characteristics of vehicles while giving consumers pricing flexibility and choice, and building brand loyalty.
Note that the filter has stereo inputs and outputs, which means that if Y connectors are involved it cannot work with subwoofers like the low-priced Hsu STF-1 or STF-2 that have only a mono input jack.
For clean and powerful bass reproduction, Pioneer offers a new line of Champion series subwoofers consisting of the TS-W260S4 (10-inch), TS-W260D4 (10-inch), TS-W310S4 (12-inch) and TS-W310D4 (12-inch).
This compact, long excursion, 8-inch subwoofer provides a tactile punch and low-end bass while fitting directly underneath or behind a car s seat for stealth install.
With single subwoofers placed in comers, the issue does not exist, because at such close distances any boundary-related notching would be generated well above the operating range of the system.
Installation of the Reference Series subwoofers is easy; each unit comes with guidelines on building the perfect box.
Wharfedale's Jade Series subwoofers make it easy to dial in the best-possible performance in any home theater or music system, thanks to their supplied remote control that enables adjustment from the listening position or anywhere in the room.
Subwoofers work wonderfully when they are truly designed to be part of the whole speaker system.
Small speakers can't produce the low frequencies that subwoofers are designed for," said Larry Rougas, vice president of marketing and product planning for the mobile business group of Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
Triad InRoom Silver Subwoofer/Satellite Speaker Ensemble (Price for five-channel package, including three Silver Monitors, two Silver Subwoofers, two amplifier/crossovers, and two Silver Surrounds: $10,000) Reviewed by HF in Issue 93.
New Grand Touring([R]) Subwoofers Include Die-Cast Baskets and Proven JBL Design for Best-in-Class Bass Reproduction
Name of product : SuperCube 2000 Powered Subwoofers
In my opinion, subwoofers should not in most cases be used to attempt to enhance the accuracy of classical music or acoustic jazz reproduction.
today introduced a new line of shallow subwoofers that generate more bass in less space.
Directed Electronics Re-launches Orion Cobalt Subwoofers,