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an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities

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The minority of counties in the region that managed to foster growth benefitted from suburban sprawl or the successful promotion of cultural integration.
I was also too young to listen to Richard Pryor albums in my formative years, but I devoured them whenever I could sneak away with like-minded friends in basement rec rooms across the suburban sprawl of Kansas City.
Washington, Feb 08 (ANI): Researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago have revealed that obesity is more prevalent in areas with lower educational attainment and certain ethnic profiles than in areas of suburban sprawl.
Making our city even greener is not only good for our own quality of life, but we are also paving the way for other cities to rein in suburban sprawl by demonstrating that people will choose to live and work in dense, vibrant cities.
For example, cities with adequate mass transit and sustainable urban building practices can reduce suburban sprawl and also rely less on subprime mortgages to house a growing population.
DISAPPEARING DESERT: THE GROWTH OF PHOENIX AND THE CULTURE OF SPRAWL considers the social and cultural forces that contribute to suburban sprawl in the U.
We retain a link even from suburban sprawl Ohio to the natural world in New York State through Conservationist.
The husband-and-wife team of town planners Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk are typically credited as the founders of new urbanism, a style of community design that embraces mixed use (commercial and residential) development in pedestrian-friendly and green space-rich neighborhoods-much like the old neighborhoods many baby-boomers remember before suburban sprawl made us all slaves to our cars.
By virtue of pushing the population into the suburban sprawl, the garden is in fact responsible for our reliance on private motor transport and hence the uncontrolled CO2 emissions that now threaten the planet with global warming.
The number increases every year as a result of continuous urban and suburban sprawl and the high cost of central sewer systems.
Wheeler also demonstrates that very little association exists between unemployment concentration and suburban sprawl, declining unionization, or industrial shifts.
Mainstream housebuild-ers have joined forces with the the Prince of Wales to back new green design principles encouraging a move away from suburban sprawl and a return to more traditional varied street patterns.
brings together a collection of 46 of his short, often humorous, essays that first appeared in engineering journals on topics as diverse as his own start in the industry, engineer "fashions," urban form, suburban sprawl, organization, bridges, tornadoes, technology, the engineering process, and life insurance.
And it is, of course, a huge suburban sprawl with good quality homes abounding.
It's a kickback to pre-'50s suburban sprawl, a compact design that is far more people-friendly than auto-friendly.