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an aggregation or continuous network of urban communities

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In effect, we loathe the suburban sprawl without condemning the gardens which cause it.
Mainstream housebuild-ers have joined forces with the the Prince of Wales to back new green design principles encouraging a move away from suburban sprawl and a return to more traditional varied street patterns.
brings together a collection of 46 of his short, often humorous, essays that first appeared in engineering journals on topics as diverse as his own start in the industry, engineer "fashions," urban form, suburban sprawl, organization, bridges, tornadoes, technology, the engineering process, and life insurance.
And it is, of course, a huge suburban sprawl with good quality homes abounding.
It's a kickback to pre-'50s suburban sprawl, a compact design that is far more people-friendly than auto-friendly.
Famously straddling both the Asian and European continents, Istanbul's informal boundaries are ever-expanding as the city grapples with the effects of inter-urban migration, a combination of suburban sprawl and increased inner-city living.
In parts of Virginia, Civil War battlefields are threatened by suburban sprawl.
A cast of big movie names bring their talent to the small screen in this classy drama, which follows the lives of a polygamous Morman family living in the Wisteria Lane-style suburban sprawl of Salt Lake City.
While suburban sprawl wiped out most of those farms, residents can still get produce with that ``just off the farm'' freshness at local farmers markets.
Recent books have shown us that seemingly unplanned suburban sprawl was, in fact, the product of conscientious planning, and that bored suburban housewives were actually grassroots activists at the forefront of the modern conservative movement.
Some of the earliest work on the broad environmental consequences of suburban sprawl came from Michael Greenberg and his colleagues in New Jersey (Greenberg 1999; note my bias: I was one of Greenberg's colleagues, although not for this research).
Realty took a powerful stand against public housing initiatives in favor of suburban tract homes, just as it pressed for tax policies that privileged home ownership over renting, thus promoting the single-family suburban sprawl over dense city living and closing off middle-class ascension to millions of working families.
That's now in jeopardy because suburban sprawl is metastasizing from Charlotte, 20 miles to the southwest.
Local governments are not prepared to handle the heavy toll of suburban sprawl according to a new study released in February by the Open Space Institute and the Center for Policy Research at the University at Albany.
They could also mean an end to suburban sprawl, replacing it with traditional town communities having defined centres and high streets.