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Synonyms for subpoena

a writ issued by court authority to compel the attendance of a witness at a judicial proceeding

serve or summon with a subpoena

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The use of subpena power to obtain information for another agency component which does not have such power would clearly be improper.
which subpena, in the case of contumacy or refusal to obey, shall be enforceable by order of any appropriate United States District Court .
And thereuppon the said Complaynantes prayed a writt of Subpena oute of this honorable Courte [of Chancery] to be directed to the said Defendantes william Birde Richard Caswell and Richard kinge for their personall appearaunce in this Courte to answere the premisses as by the same Bill of Complainte remayninge on Recorde on the fyles of this honorable Courte amongest dyvers other matters and thinges therein conteyned
Where a newsperson is required to disclose information pursuant to a subpena [So in original] issued by or on behalf of a defendant in a criminal proceeding, not including proceedings before administrative or investigative bodies, grand juries, or legislative committees or commissions, the provisions and procedures in this act are applicable to the claim and exercise of the newsperson's privilege under Rule 27 (C.
above, the party seeking enforcement of the subpena shall show by clear and convincing evidence that the privilege has been waived under Rule 37 (C.