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a geological process in which one edge of a crustal plate is forced sideways and downward into the mantle below another plate

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Yet the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011 has now demolished the hypothesis that older subducting plates such as Java's are less prone to major seismic ruptures.
The Indo Myanmar Ranges (IMR) evolves as an accretionary prism along the margin of the Indian plate subducting below the Myanmar micro plate, a part of the Eurasian plate.
Local high rates of convergence at the Hellenic subduction zone (35mm/yr) are associated with back-arc spreading throughout Greece and western Turkey above the subducting Mediterranean oceanic crust.
According to it, an earthquake of the same magnitude as the 2004 Sumatra earthquake can happen anytime in the MSZ, which lies in Balochistan along the southwestern coast of Pakistan, where the oceanic crust of the Arabian Plate is subducting beneath the continental crust of the Eurasian Plate.
Researchers also found that the thickness of the sediment on the subducting plate too contributes to the magnitude of earthquake and tsunami in the region.
The Arabian plate is subducting (pushing beneath) the Eurasian plate at the Makran coast of Pakistan and Iran south of that event.
Like a bulldozer, the continent scooped up islands sitting on top of the subducting Farallon plate that were too buoyant to sink into the mantle.
There is no reason why nuclear waste should not be disposed of in the deep subducting regions of the ocean where tectonic forces draw all deposits down into the magma.
Seismic tomography studies have also suggested that subducting slabs of lithosphere tend to become stagnant in the transition zone [2, 22].
This highly technical book also deals with new theories on the dynamics of magma upwelling, the deformation behavior of rapidly subducting oceanic plates, and the model for the Himalayan orogeny.
The potential source of local tsunami is the fault line off Makran, around 90-130 km from the nearest shore where the Arabian Tectonic Plate is slowly subducting below the Eurasian Plate at an average rate of 19 mm per annum, they added.
It would normally spread out at that point but, in this case, we have subducting plates that are coming down from above and keeping the piles contained"
In the most typical cases, the tectonic melange must be generated in the upper part of a subduction zone, because the development of the serpentinitic matrix implies the hydration of the mantle wedge by percolation of ascending fluids from the subducting slab (Gerya et al.