Sub-Saharan Africa

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the region of Africa to the south of the Sahara Desert


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The Science Granting Councils Initiative in Sub-Saharan Africa aims to strengthen the capacities of science granting councils to support research and evidence-based policies that contribute to economic and social development.
Following a global trend, governments in most sub-Saharan Africa countries have established increasingly ambitious RE targets for their power sectors," noted Paton.
Not surprisingly, all 13 of these countries are in sub-Saharan Africa.
Out of a global 230 regulatory reforms occurring over the space of the year, 75 of these were attributable to the sub-Saharan Africa region.
Nico Meyer, CEO of MultiChoice Africa, said: "We are delighted to make this announcement with Eutelsat who have partnered with us to meet the needs of our growing business in Sub-Saharan Africa.
Among nations in sub-Saharan Africa that have already met those objectives or are on track to do so by 2015 (and where Gallup has collected recent data), perceptions of water quality are still low compared with levels in more developed nations worldwide.
A score of twenty new air links which Tunisair intends to operate in Sub-Saharan Africa by 2018 should include cities where Tunisian consular missions are based so as to ease visa-granting procedures.
Maternal obesity among women in Sub-Saharan Africa is associated with an elevated risk of neonatal mortality, according to an analysis of data from the most recent Demographic and Health Surveys of 27 Sub-Saharan African countries.
According to the company, South Africa is the largest market for dispersioris in Sub-Saharan Africa.
In Africa, the urgency to respect, promote and fulfill young people's SRHR is highlighted by the number of young people in the region: it is estimated that adolescents and young people in Sub-Saharan Africa constitute 19.
October 22, 2011 (JUBA) - The pace of regulatory improvements has picked up across Sub-Saharan Africa in comparison to six years ago, according to a report by the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) said in a recent report.
This year, the report deals with the complex challenge of building social protection systems in sub-Saharan Africa and how the EU can best support home-grown African initiatives in that field.
The global number has not decreased significantly--remaining at about 850 million in 2001-2003--and the number in sub-Saharan Africa has increased from about 170 million in 1990-1992 to over 200 million in 2001-2003.
The new maternal mortality estimates show that while gains are being made in middle-income countries, the annual decline between 1990 and 2005 in sub-Saharan Africa was only 0.
But success has remained elusive in other places, such as sub-Saharan Africa, where no country is on track to meet goals of halving extreme poverty, ensuring universal primary education or stemming the Aids pandemic by 2015.