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TERROR: A Thompson sub machine gun or Tommy gun was found by cops in a Tuebrook house
The Judge told Lewis that handguns were bad enough but the thought of a sub machine gun being used on streets in the area was "horrific.
They are similar to an Uzi and several other types of small lightweight rapid fire sub machine gun.
It included a US-military sub machine gun, a sawn off 12-bore doubled barreled shotgun, and a sawn off 12-bore single barreled shotgun, together with 16 bulleted cartridges and a quantity of shotgun cartridges.
Sgt Jordan won an All-Army title with the Gustav sub machine gun and numerous Southern Command and Brigade titles.
Police recovered one pistol, magazine, two rounds, eight empty rounds of pistol and 35 empty rounds of sub machine gun.
John Haase, 51,of Maiden Lane, Tuebrook, sold pounds 5,000 of weapons including an Uzi sub machine gun and a Smith and Wesson revolver.
Police later recovered one motorcycle, one pistol and empty rounds of pistol and Sub Machine Gun.
A cache of arms and ammunition including 500 kilograms of explosive material, suicide jackets, prepared IEDs, sub machine guns, mines and communication equipment were seized.