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Synonyms for stunted

Synonyms for stunted

inferior in size or quality

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Our government should be finding solutions to the stunted growth of our MSMEs instead of adding to their burden.
It's too hard to please them with chlorinated or brackish water as they readily show the symptoms of stunted growth followed by leaf shedding.
EVC syndrome or Chondroectodermal dysplasia is a condition in which cartilage growth is affected causing stunted growth.
The WFP also planned to send 100 boxes of "Plumpy'Doz", a specialised nutrition product that helps to treat children suffering from stunted growth and acute malnutrition, she said.
A: If the soil is water-logged, then the cherry would exhibit undersized leaves, yellow leaves, leaf-drop, stunted growth and twig dieback over time.
Africa's stunted growth has mostly been attributed to the absence of large economic space that can spur and sustain economies of scale which is a primary condition for genuine economic development.
Albania and 11 per cent in Georgia suffer from stunted growth.
SMALL businesses in Wales risk stunted growth because of a failure to embrace the internet.
India also has the highest rate of stunted growth among children, and the United Nations Children's Fund reports 20 percent of India's children under age five "suffer from wasting due to acute under-nutrition.
Every fifth child in Kyrgyzstan has stunted growth due to lack of micronutrients in nutrition, Anthony Lake said.
66%) in the previous week, as well as increased water consumption, weakness, anorexia, and stunted growth.
Factors associated with stunted growth in children below 11 years of age in Antioquia, Colombia, 2004
1 billion bushels) of last season, when drought stunted growth.
Most of these special children are afflicted with disorders such as speech impairment, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, polio and stunted growth.
Maybe a preferable approach to the old wives'' tales about stunted growth and going blind, but far to flippant a reference to sex as mere recreation.