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Synonyms for stunt

Synonyms for stunt

a clever, dexterous act


Words related to stunt

a difficult or unusual or dangerous feat

a creature (especially a whale) that has been prevented from attaining full growth

check the growth or development of

Related Words

perform a stunt or stunts

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Sanchez, a seasoned gymnast, took the job and found that she missed having an athletic element to her life, and stunt work married the two aspects.
The calls keep coming for stunt work, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship guys keep showing up at the dojo.
The horse, which resembled Mix's Tony, became valuable enough to require several doubles to handle the stunt work.
He's not above a little stunt work to get people enthusiastic about planting new trees and protecting and caring for the ones we already have.
I had absolutely no interest in stunt work," Weeden recalls.
As actor-director Samo Hung has said of the Hong Kong approach to stunt work, "I think we are usually more concerned with finding the line of safety.
As an insurance risk, the film wins "most risky production" primarily because lead actor Mickey Rourke did much of his own stunt work in the film.
Moon's work in "Roots" is representative of the intricate, large-scale complex stunt work being done in television today on shows such as FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel," Netflix's "Daredevil" and Syfy's "The Expanse.
com/2014/08/14/ben-affleck-injured-batman-v-superman-dawn-justice-set-video-backs-claim/) Batman-news , the actor sustained a shoulder injury early last week that deterred him from doing stunt work.
Bett Rickards talked about "Arrow,'' snacking on the set and doing stunt work during a recent interview with The Associated Press.
Jackie Chan Career: Chan had small roles in Bruce Lee movies Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon, and also did stunt work and directed projects.
LOS ANGELES -- The James Bond adventure "Skyfall" and the fantasy TV series "Game of Thrones" have picked up prizes for best stunt work from the Screen Actors Guild.
I get to do lots of fighting and driving and stunt work and I've been training on the gun range most days.
Eunice, who is from Toxteth, said: "I'm co-ordinating all the stunt work so it means long days.
The Riverside Museum will exhibit his Inspired Street Trial prototype bike which also used for his stunt work on the Joseph Gordon Levitt feature film Premium Rush.