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the performance of stunts while in flight in an aircraft

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Summary: A family of three and a pilot miraculously escaped serious injury after a stunt plane hit a car in Germany.
Eyewitness Kenny Gulick, 14, said he thought he was watching a stunt plane because the pilot was making so many turns before the crash on Sunday.
A stunt plane crashed into trees during training in Sydney's south-west this morning, killing one man and injuring another.
There will be Honda's Formula 1 simulator, a basketball training session with the Newcastle Eagles' Fab Flournoy and an aerobatic performance by Will Curtis in the Team Road Angel Sukhoi 26 stunt plane.
5 -- ran in Bulldog edition only) Smoke streams from aerobatic pilot Ed Hamill's stunt plane as he flies upside down during his morning demonstration at Aviation Expo 2003.
Nigel and his wife Susan, from Fairfield in Stockton, escaped uninjured - but the two-seater stunt plane was a write-off.
Fellow flyboy (and auto racing enthusiast) Tom Cruise even took a page out of McQueen's book of cool by featuring his Pitts Special 5-2B stunt plane in a post-Oscar interview with Barbara Walters.
My wife is now learning to fly her new Super Decathlon stunt plane and attends all of the airshows as part of our crew.
A stunt plane with smoke pouring from the back was spotted over Eastern Green, Tile Hill and Allesley yesterday afternoon.
The main ring programme includes, for the first time, an air display from a high-performance stunt plane, show jumping, acrobatics on motorbikes from the Kangaroo Kid, parades, fancy dress and fox hounds.
The search ended quickly when members of the state police Air Wing discovered the smoke came from a stunt plane that was practicing in the area for this weekend's air show at Westover Air Reserve Base in Chicopee.
So the thought of hurtling through the air strapped to the top of a stunt plane with a 440 brake horse power engine beneath you sounds like more than enough to give anyone vertigo.
3 -- 4) Aerobatic pilot Rob Harrison puts his stunt plane through the paces during the air show.
Kathy Hirtz hangs upside down in her stunt plane high above Dexter Reservoir as she executes a loop.