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the branch of zoology that studies fishes

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Beginning with an overview of fish fundamentals, the work covers topics such as fish ecology, reproduction, food and feeding, human interaction, problems in fish conservation, fish in literature, and professional study of fish and marine ecology.
The EU's fund is allocated to several projects, particualry a study of fish stocks, the expansion of fish-farming projects and the coastal comminties and fishermen capacities' development.
A study of fish suggests that loud, extrovert displays intended to attract women might be misleading.
A 22-y prospective study of fish intake in relation to prostate cancer incidence and mortality.
A study of fish and citrus allergy in 375 children.
In fact, mercury, which is a neurotoxin that is particularly damaging to the developing brain, was detected in all evaluated samples from the study of fish from lakes in the United States, according to a U.
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