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English historian noted for his constitutional history of medieval England (1825-1901)

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There has been no human mayor in the town since Stubbs was elected.
The prosecution says Stubbs recruited Lovell and Smith to join him after arguing with Mr Pettite.
Stubbs did not inform Kirklees Council or the Department for Work and Pensions about this change in their circumstances.
An inquest earlier this month ruled Mr Stubbs died through misadventure.
Stubbs has developed a multi-pronged networking approach.
A statement issued by the Yorkshire club said: "Rotherham United are delighted to confirm the appointment of Alan Stubbs and John Doolan.
Stubbs was a great success but some claim he failed in his ultimate mission to guide the club back into Scottish football's top tier.
Because to keep his reputation intact, Stubbs faces a seven-day period which - without being overdramatic - could define his coaching career.
A lifelong Evertonian from Kikby, Stubbs started his playing career with Bolton Wanderers and overcame testicular cancer while at Celtic to earn a dream move to Goodison.
French said he had no additional information to share, including results of any field sobriety test that Stubbs may have been given.
Stubbs has over 20 years of experience in financial management in the energy industry and eight years with Endeavour.
Stubbs and the head-butter took things outside, with the man smashing one of Stubbs' car windows.
In Reprobates: the Cavaliers of the English Civil War, John Stubbs has written at length about mid-seventeenth-century verbal wit produced by educated, elite courtiers and writers.
Porthcawl's mayor Barbara Stubbs, of the town's De Londres Close, has spent three weeks in King's Mill Hospital in Nottinghamshire after suffering a broken arm, several broken ribs and stomach injuries in the crash, which happened on December 29.
CONCOURS D'' ELEGANCE 1, A Pluck; 2, W Keeley; 3, F Stubbs.