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Synonyms for Strauss

German composer of many operas

Austrian composer and son of Strauss the Elder

Austrian composer of waltzes (1804-1849)

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In fact, Master of None fan Strouse was so taken with Wells that he cast her in The Incredible Jessica James , as Jessica's sassy-comes-as-standard bestie - because some romcom cliches are too good to mess with.
But if patients with big bucks bankroll research for their own conditions, Strouse wonders, then who will support the likes of sickle-cell disease?
Strouse and McSally are among the more than dozen veterans recruited to run for the House in 2014.
in turn, we're able to bring this product knowledge to our design and manufacture of medical parts for our customers," said Sue Chambers, president, Strouse Corporation.
Eight specific areas of concern will be the focus of future site investigations and cleanup activities, Strouse explained.
Strouse explains that there are many examples in this manual--far more than in MDS 2.
and also worked at Strouse, Greenberg Financial Corporation and Provident Mutual Life Insurance Co.
Everly Strouse and Everly explore six essential skills for leading in adversity skills which the authors assure the reader can be learned.
Strouse, "In the Valley of Elah" by Paul Haggis, "Land Mines: A Love Story" by Dennis O'Rourke, and "The Road to Guantanamo" by Michael Winterbottom are among the films and documentaries slated to be screened.
Children with the sickle-cell blood condition have been shown to be 56 times more likely than other kids to be hospitalized for the seasonal flu, said hematologist John Strouse of the Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore.
This memoir by award-winning composer Strouse covers his early upbringing in New York City during the Great Depression, his early success with the Broadway musical Bye Bye Birdie and his continuing work with such noted musical personalities as Aaron Copland, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Cahn, Marilyn Monroe, Mel Brooks and Warren Beatty.
Strouse - Cody Lynn Strouse, 55, of Sisters, died Nov.
Este es un principio directoral bien hecho de James Strouse, un drama de caracter que toma como premisa el tan usado dramatico exceso de muertes de la guerra de Iraq pero en una direccion mas digerible y original, dejando a un lado la politica y tomando el lado correcto para centrarse en las familias que han perdido sus seres queridos en la guerra.
And American composer Charles Strouse was there too "We got to go down into the crew bar The Pig because someone my dad knew worked as a barman there.