Strombus gigas

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a large variety of conch


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The queen conch, Strombus gigas (Gastropoda: Strombidae), is one of the most iconic molluscs throughout the tropical and subtropical western Atlantic Ocean.
Since the late 1980s, age in queen conch has been estimated reasonably well by measuring the thickness of the flared lip outside the aperture of the Strombus gigas shell (Appeldoorn 1988, Stoner & Sandt 1992).
Winter mass migration of juvenile queen conch Strombus gigas and their influence on the benthic environment.
The status of queen conch, Strombus gigas, research in the Caribbean.
The use of underwater metal detectors to locate outplants of the mobile marine gastropod, Strombus gigas L.
Ontogenetic changes in natural mortality rate of queen conch, Strombus gigas (Mollusca: Mesogastropoda).
Age determination, growth, and mortality and age of first reproduction in adult Queen Conch Strombus gigas L.
Vertical distribution and shell morphology of Strombus gigas in Cayo Dos Mosquises Sur, Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela.
KEY WORDS: Strombus gigas, Coccidiasis, Apicomplexa, parasite, queen conch
Given the regional importance of Strombus gigas Linne, 1758 in the Caribbean, and the critical state of some of its populations (Appeldoorn 1987, Aldana Aranda et al.
KEY WORDS: capture-recapture, dispersal, emigration, mortality, queen conch, Strombus gigas
Six Strombus species (1) inhabit the shallow coastal waters of Florida and the Caribbean region: Strombus gigas Linnaeus (queen conch), S.