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type genus of the family Strombidae

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Divers can selectively target a diverse group of highly valued species such as queen conch, Strombus gigas; spiny lobster, Panulirus argus; miscellaneous reef-fish (Labridae, Scaridae, Lutjanidae); and octopus (Octopodidae) with modest capital investments in craft and fishing equipment.
Esta condicion probablemente acentuo las tasas de renovacion faunistica en el Mar Caribe, provocando la perdida de especies como las de Orthaulax, favoreciendo la sustitucion de su nicho por el genero Strombus representado por seis especies, cuyos centros de desarrollo se encuentran en las plataformas carbonaticas de Venezuela.
8) With the perspectives on the communicative capability of Moche portable arts, the structural paradox, and themeology formulated by these scholars in consideration, this study aims to uncover the purpose of the naturalistic style for the Moche and the symbolism of the strombus galeatus.
En tanto, en la segunda galeria mencionada se encontraron 20 trompetas de Strombus galeatus, con evidencias de uso intenso, probablemente como parte de las ceremonias llevadas a cabo en el centro ceremonial (Rick 2005).
Highest toxicities were evident in the Strombus urceus and Tectus fenestratus found in the seafloor of station 1 and in the Tectus fenestratus found in the seafloor of station 2.
Afterwards, they set the mine's dark shell in a park's sandy garden as an ornament together with shells of Strombus gigas from the West Indies.
It is considered the second marine topshell with bigger fishing in the Caribbean after the queen conch Strombus gigas (RANDALL, 1964), and Colombia is categorized as vulnerable species in the Red Book of Marine Invertebrates of Colombia (ARDILA et al.
It is also notable that most of the marine shell dates (n=20) are on Strombus gibberulus/luhuanus which are active algal/detritus feeders common on inner reef fiats with coral/sand substrate and sea grass beds (Carucci 1992).
en el ano de 2002 Colombia posee un total de 26 especies amenazadas, (Figura 8), Corales 7 especies asi: en peligro, Acropora palmata, en peligro critico Acropora cervicornis y vulnerables Gorgonia ventalina, Acropora prolifera, Stephanocoenia intersepta, Mussa angulosa y Eusmilia fastigiata; Moluscos 14 especies todas en categoria vulnerable, asi: Cittarium pica, Strombus gigas, Cypraea surinamensis, Muracypraea mus, entre otras; Crustaceos 7 especies destacando a Litopenaeus schmitti y Panulirus argus.
Archaeologists had unearthed 20 complete Strombus galeatus marine shell trumpets in 2001 at Chavin de Huantar, an ancient ceremonial center in the Andes.
Archaeologists found 20 complete Strombus galeatus marine shell trumpets in 2001 at Chavin de Huantar, an ancient ceremonial center in the Andes.
Using analogue single channel seismic equipment (see details in Flod6n 1980), seismic profiling was started by a marine geology group at Stockholm University in 1990 from their R/V Strombus northeast of Gotland (Fig.
Queen Conch' neu 'Pink Conch' ydi'r enw Saesneg, a Strombus gigas ydi'r enw gwyddonol.
En la mayoria de las investigaciones las representaciones de estas caracolas gigantes han sido identificadas con el caracol de mar Strombus, simbolo masculino de poder.