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United States film actor (born in Austria) (1885-1957)

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Young appears in the film as a prisoner of war meeting a "fair play" Rommel, one very different from the von Stroheim Rommel in Five Graves to Cairo.
The couple's collaboration on the big budget picture Queen Kelly with the legendary - but notoriously overextravagant - Erich von Stroheim ended up in disaster and was never released.
Wilder also fused compassion with success and enjoyment for the fictional Max von Mayerling and the real Erich von Stroheim, both of whom had directorial careers in silent cinema that died when Hollywood entered the sound era (Noble 1950).
42) Some of Rand's favorite directors and actors worked on the film, including Tourjansky, von Stroheim, and John Barrymore, who plays the lead role as Ivan Markov, a peasant who forsakes his revolutionary comrades for the love of a general's daughter.
Germaine-des-Pres, he met his "full quota of 'characters,' as one does, from Sartre, who has put up placards in many of the caves disavowing his Existentialist followers, to Camus and Erich yon Stroheim, to say nothing of the assorted ding-bats of the Quarrier" (Burns to Hemingway, 4-11 January 1952).
Cornice boards upholstered in a handsome Stroheim and Romann fabric frame the windows, which host the best view in the entire house.
She explained the location was vacated by Stroheim & Romann, which moved into the D&D building here.
Sunset Boulevard, which stars Max von Stroheim, is my favourite film.
Partly, this was due to immaculate performances by Jean Gabin, Erich von Stroheim, Marcel Dalio, Gaston Modot, and Jean Daste, and partly to the subtlety of Renoir's direction, which was able to say so much about the war without showing us a single battle scene.
Eric von Stroheim (bests known to posterity now as the chaffeur in Sunset Boulevard) made an epic version of a novel called Greed which ran for eight hours.
According to the recollections of those who knew him, the total impression of his physical presence was similar to that conveyed by, say, the later Erich von Stroheim.
Pope Pius XII has become the ecclesiastical counterpart of the actor Eric von Stroheim.
Eric von Stroheim created a fantasy of Vienna in Hollywood.
Animation is a unique form, and Wait, a hands-on boss, was able to get something none of the other great artist/perfectionists of Hollywood (Chaplin, Von Stroheim, Astaire) could ever achieve - complete artistic control.
Grifffith,{josef} von Stern berg, Buster Keaton, and a hundred others" Director Erich von Stroheim expressed his own frustration: "When I saw how the censors mutilated my picture Greed, which I did really with my entire heart, I abandoned all my ideals to create real art"