beef Stroganoff

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sauteed strips of beef and mushrooms in sour cream sauce served with noodles

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Launches under the Perdigao brand: Rock Dog -- frankfurt roll Panino Pizza -- pizza dough filled with ham, cheese, tomatoes and oregano Hot Wings Donutz -- seasoned, breaded, ring-shaped chicken pieces Pepperoni-flavored Chicken Steak Soy Strogonoff Ham and Cheese Lasagna with tomato sauce Half-chicken with catupiry and half-mozzarella Pizza Boneless Chester Smoked turkey breast Launches under the Batavo brand: Thin sausages Pizza Baiana -- mozzarella, ground pepperoni, onions and chili pepper For further information please access http://www.
Three years ago, it launched Authentic World Foods to broaden its repertoire from curries to other sauce-based dishes such as beef bourguignonne and mushroom strogonoff.
Phil Davies, European franchise manager, says the favourites are basquaise in France, sweet and sour in the UK and strogonoff in Germany.