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money paid to strikers from union funds

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Other workers are supporting strikers through a strike fund as they have since this movement started.
While Sutomo frequently spoke of workers' right to strike and of the need for labour unions to have strong strike funds, it is clear that he was convinced that the basic conditions for successful strikes were lacking in colonial Indonesia.
Union strike funds were never adequate to cover workers' increased consumer debt; and unless merchants supported the strikers and the union, workers would run the risk of losing their homes, automobiles, and consumer goods.
A leading government official in Berlin has told companies to dip into their strike funds.
At the outset of the strike, the CAW's strike funds, cash and mortgageable assets stood at about $49 million.
Unions also merge to address mutual concerns and increase Y lobbying power, improve the expertise or experience of their staffs and, in some cases, strengthen their strike funds.
Weinberg summarized: "Workers' contact with SD [Social Democrats] strike funds, Zubatovist unions, mutual-aid societies, and producer cooperatives provided many workers with firsthand experience in conducting strikes, negotiating with employers, formulating grievances, and drawing up demands" (81).
Many unions maintain strike funds financed by their membership in the form of assessments or dues.