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money paid to strikers from union funds

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Although 95 per cent of our time is dealing with and solving problems, on those occasions where our members need to fight, we have established a strike fund which is currently at PS35 million to give them support and show employers that our members won't ever be starved back to work.
Jim Salt, president of the Lane Community College Education Association, on Monday was among the first to drop a $50 bill in a hat for the strike fund.
It's an age-old tradition in the union movement that workers who are losing pay by going on strike get support from other workers through strike funds,'' he said.
Office workers turned their heads at banners reading: "Richest in Asia, meanest in the world" and "Pay up Li Ka-shing", with many contributing to a strike fund the dockers say has reached HK$5.
The site, overlooking Lower High Street, is the former home of the Workers' Institute, built with proceeds from the strike fund and now relocated to the Black Country Living Museum in Dudley.
They decided to go to Chicago because they knew the cash prizes would help the strike fund.
She recalled many acts of support and generosity, from the old man who came in to put a fiver in the strike fund to the Durham University students who donated food left over from a function.
As a result, the company expects to incur a daily loss of SEK4m exclusive of compensation from the so-called strike fund of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.
Even if their pay is not docked, I feel sure each Labour councillor will be prepared to hand over pounds 100 to the strike fund.
All proceeds benefited the Writers Guild Association Strike Fund.
In his view, there were many important lessons to be learnt from the failure of the major strikes in the colony, the most important of which was that a large strike fund was essential.
According to the CUPE Ontario Division, the major issues in dispute are its under-representation on the National Executive Board (with 42 per cent of the members, Ontario has four out of 23 positions) and access to the national strike fund to finance bargaining-related campaigns.
donated $200 to the Wilcox Hospital Nurses strike fund of the Hawaii Nurses Association
From as far as San Diego, teachers collected cash for the strike fund.
On the other hand, a strike fund has collected more than $4,000, which helps with groceries and rent.