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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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All reported revenue and employment figures will be verified by CB&H and are held in strict confidence subject to a standard confidentiality agreement and privacy policy.
All information received is held in strict confidence, and will not be disclosed.
The pair then hope to carry out a voluntary follow-up interview of some 20 farmers, with details treated in strict confidence.
We remain committed to treating information from members of the public, who wish to remain anonymous, in strict confidence.
On the contrary, we welcome information and it's always dealt with in strict confidence.
Anyone with information a should contact BTP in strict confidence on 0800 40 50 40 quoting or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Coroner Mr Cotter backed the service, saying: "I would suggest that students at university would be less than pleased if they were to learn that information which they have given in strict confidence to those they trusted was then given to their parents or anybody else without their permission.
Your local GUM or clinic will be able to advise and test in strict confidence.
Our goal in this is to fulfill valid requests for funds quickly, and we will keep all information in strict confidence.
Lauding 'political news and views' he said that he had a poor estimation of sensationalism in media, which always came to naught, and expressed his strict confidence in the fact that loadshedding would be able to be reigned in by 2012.
All confidential or proprietary information for our customers is kept in strict confidence and signed, non-disclosure agreements are common.
Know that all information will be held in strict confidence until you give written permission that your particular story can be included in our documentary or on a website dedicated to the project.
They promise that if people are worried about possible reprisals, their information will be treated in strict confidence.
When a business person approaches a professional service provider the business person has the right to expect that the professional will take all reasonable steps to ensure that all information divulged in the advice process will be treated in strict confidence - that is, it is privileged and may not be divulged to any third party.
All calls to us are taken in strict confidence and we urge anyone with information to come forward and assist us with our inquiries.