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the state of being secret

discretion in keeping secret information

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Complaints can be made in person, by telephone, or email to the local authority's Environmental Health department where your name would normally be kept in strict confidence and not released to the person causing the noise.
Sharing of information by local people in strict confidence helps us in multiplying our numbers on the ground.
We are taking this opportunity to give the public our support, and anyone who speaks with us does so in strict confidence.
This will involve setting up Confidentiality Agreements agreed between the Research establishment and Supplier to ensure the exchange of all intellectual property is held in strict confidence by the Supplier.
All inquiries will be held in strict confidence, Shovlin said.
In the year leading up to the event I was working as a rugby journalist in Cape Town, and a key member of England's management team contacted me in strict confidence.
The tests are being conducted in strict confidence, although the general results will be released, the report added.
Paula Bridge, the head of the clinical negligence team at Ralli, and solicitor to the Rafferty family said: "Anyone who attended the Rysseldene Surgery with a similar complaint and has any concerns at all, can contact me in strict confidence.
Information on potential violations should be reported in strict confidence to Jim Warren, Transplant News editor & publisher, at 800-689-4262.
All calls will be treated in strict confidence and kept anonymous.
All reported revenue and employment figures will be verified by CB&H and are held in strict confidence subject to a standard confidentiality agreement and privacy policy.
All information received is held in strict confidence, and will not be disclosed.
The pair then hope to carry out a voluntary follow-up interview of some 20 farmers, with details treated in strict confidence.
We remain committed to treating information from members of the public, who wish to remain anonymous, in strict confidence.
On the contrary, we welcome information and it's always dealt with in strict confidence.