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United States architect and student of Latrobe (1787-1854)

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Nothing has been too small to escape him, and you may be sure that if Charles Strickland left a laundry bill unpaid it will be given you
The dog was Strickland's dog, so I said nothing, but I felt all that Strickland felt in being made light of.
I was in that house for two days, and Strickland went to his office daily, leaving me alone for eight or ten hours a day, with Tietjens for my only companion.
I explained to Strickland, gently as might be, that I would go over to the club and find for myself quarters there.
Pon my soul, I don't wonder," said Strickland, with his eyes on the ceiling-cloth.
If you are afraid of snakes, of course"-said Strickland.
They'll hide among the roof beams," said Strickland.
I was not anxious to assist Strickland in his work, hut I took the loading-rod and waited in the dining-room, while Strickland brought a gardener's ladder from the veranda and set it against the side of the room.
It gave great sound of tearing, and Strickland put his head through the opening into the dark of the angle of the roof beams.
No wonder the snakes live here," said Strickland, climbing further into the 'roof.
Then the cloth ripped out from the walls, tore, split, swayed, and shot down upon the table something that I dared not look at till Strickland had slid down the ladder and was standing by my side.
They'll run away and give the news to all their fellows," said Strickland.
This showed that Bahadur Khan, his body-servant, had waked from sleep and wished to put Strickland to bed.
It will be so, if God pleases," said Strickland, tugging off his hoots.
The man stooped over the case, banded barrels, stock, and fore-end to Strickland, who fitted them together.