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Synonyms for striate

to mark with a line or band, as of different color or texture

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mark with striae or striations

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Near the notch, a characteristic of the fractured surface is the formation of compact "fish bone" striations perpendicular to the direction of crack propagation (as shown in Fig.
You may just be able to make out in the picture the wonderful swirls and striations, as well as the dark specks and small bubbles, typical of early glass.
The external elevator tower is layered with materials revealing striations in keeping with the towering cliffs of the Northwest.
Egg capsules described for members of the genus Asymbolus have long tendrils, much longer than those observed on the present egg capsules, have fine silky longitudinal striations with long silky filaments emanating from the sides, which are lacking in the current egg capsules and the anterior horns are longer for A.
Among his topics are the ivory tower syndrome, the ground we walk on fluids, surface parings, validation study of three-dimensional striations from outsoles, the potential of electrostatics, and toward a unified theory.
Although the edge detection results originating from other features irrelevant to striations may have various shapes, they do not have the characteristics described above.
This takes the form of a solidified 'map' of the destroyed city made from concrete and rubble, with folding shapes, incised streets, and the striations of a distorted grid laid out across the landscape.
SAN DIEGO -- The best clinical predictors of adenomyosis on ultrasound are a heterogeneous myometrium, myometrial cysts, striations, and increased vascularity in the area of interest.
Body builders love to get their skin looking this thin so the judges can see striations," he added.
Posteriorly the hystorosoma was found characterized by a pair of legs, body striations and setae.
The striations on tools from one site, called Drimolen, also look like marks on bone tools used by South African villagers to scrape the vitamin C-rich pulp out of a fruit called marula.