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Synonyms for striate

to mark with a line or band, as of different color or texture

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mark with striae or striations

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They showed from 10 to 12 well differentiated striations, different from the clavae of non-toxic Sinaloa variety (Fig.
In the absence of braking, these striations are aligned at an angle perpendicular to the tires heading direction.
7) is no longer characterized by elongated quadrangles or discontinued striations, but by continuous striations, thus the size of individual etch marks cannot be determined.
Striations should be easily visible in red coral, but may be harder to discern in lighter coloured coral; a complete lack of structure always raises suspicion (Campbell Pedersen, 2004).
Ventrianal shield reduced; anterio-lateral setae long, reaching to base of next setae in line; broken striations present at level of J2; setae j3 shifted anterior to setae j1; genital shield not wider than ventrianal shield; calyx elongate .
But Dash's lines aren't produced via accretions of paint; rather, the striations are inlaid twine strands positioned flush with the adobe surface.
Also, it can be seen, that striations resulting on the cutting surface has a typical structure and are opposite to the direction of cutting.
This method of subdividing the stream and generating striations leads to highly efficient and repeatable mixing with minimal pressure loss.
The Moderno flatweave design is made of hand-spun wool with tonal striations and starts at $795 for a 5-by-7.
The device includes a slight diffusing screen with contoured tubes that Spectronics claims eliminates confusing light striations.
It was demonstrated that for the 60/40 PP/PA6 blend, the PM domains are transformed from large particles to short striations and to small droplets finally in shear mixing, whereas the morphology develops through transitions from lamellas to thick striations and finally to a partially continuous structure in chaotic mixing.
A diffusing screen ensures enhanced light distribution and eliminates confusing light striations caused by the contours of the tubes.
He had broad interests, from raising experimental roses, to traveling with geology guide books in search of eskers, drumlins and glacial striations.
Egg capsules described for members of the genus Asymbolus have long tendrils, much longer than those observed on the present egg capsules, have fine silky longitudinal striations with long silky filaments emanating from the sides, which are lacking in the current egg capsules and the anterior horns are longer for A.