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Synonyms for streptococcus

spherical Gram-positive bacteria occurring in pairs or chains

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Streptococcus iniae virulence is associated with a distinct genetic profile.
Identification and characterization of sporadic isolates of Streptococcus iniae isolated from humans.
Genetic variability amongst Streptococcus iniae isolates from Australia.
Identification and genetic characterization of Streptococcus iniae strains isolated from diseased fish in China.
Strain-associated virulence factors of Streptococcus iniae in hybrid-striped bass.
Transcytosis of Streptococcus iniae through skin epithelial barriers: an in vitro study.
Trojan horse effect: phagocyte-mediated Streptococcus iniae infection of fish.
Identification and molecular characterisation of a fibrinogen binding protein from Streptococcus iniae.
Streptococcus iniae M-like protein contributes to virulence in fish and is a target for live attenuated vaccine development.
Streptococcus iniae expresses a cell surface non-immune trout immunoglobulin-binding factor when grown in normal trout serum.
Identification of a streptolysin S-associated gene cluster and its role in the pathogenesis of Streptococcus iniae disease.
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