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small genus of large perennial evergreen herbs having leaves resembling those of banana plants

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The name Strelitzia was in honour of Queen Charlotte, Duchess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (and wife of George III), who lived at Kew Gardens for many years.
Other prominent plants include lavender, geranium, hibiscus, orchids, fuchsia, wisteria, varieties of citrus, and of course the abundant Strelitzia -- bird of paradise -- Glen Ivy's trademark.
He criticizes the coined word BANANALIKE in the Webster's Second definition of STRELITZIA, concluding "if the lexicographers are free to coin words, so are we, for lexicographers are only human, and there are no special privileges reserved for them.
Unfortunately, the customers never follow the Count's instructions on how to care for their pets, and disaster always ensues--the female Strelitzia eats the male when they mate; Alice gives birth to thousands of ravenous little rabbits; and the gaze of the Basilisk kills her lover.
STRELITZIA REGINAE (Bird of Paradise flower) are grown for their exotic and unusual orange and blue bird-shaped flowers which emerge from boat- shaped bracts.
The stove contained several orchids and house plants, including 'Epidendron macrochitum, Dendrobium nobli, Euphorbia splendens, Strelitzia reginae, Plumbago Alba'.
Imagine an old Moorish palace in terraced gardens, where amongst the enormous trees stood the flower birds with orange beaks of the Strelitzia.
Christopher deFilippi, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD; Susan Maynard, Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC; Ruby C Dunston, Strelitzia R Tjon Kon Fat, Show-Hong Duh, Hegang Chen, Abel Joy, Cindy N Bowen, Robert H Christenson, University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD.
We have strelitzia which always give us a lovely show of flowers around Christmas time, frangipani, proteus, as well as a large collection of cacti and orchids.
The three different Strelitziaceae genera have a particular vertebrate pollination syndrome: bat pollination for the monotypic Phenakospermum guyanense, lemur pollination for Ravenala madagascariensis and sunbird pollination for the five included species of the genus Strelitzia.
For sumptuous autumnal oranges choose roses, Strelitzia, Physalis, gerbera, calla lilies, Asiatic lilies or Cymbidium orchids.
EXTENSION: The managers of the Palm House in Sefton Park want to extend its opening hours to generate more income from holding events, such as Strelitzia String Quartet entertaing Azamara cruise ship visitors
Alpinia purpurata and Strelitzia reginae, the critical temperature for development of chilling injury symptoms is usually bellow 10 to 13[degrees]C (FINGER et al.