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Synonyms for tram

a conveyance that transports passengers or freight in carriers suspended from cables and supported by a series of towers

a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine


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travel by tram

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Gated communities through to the layout of school complexes, which were previously inaccessible to the Google street car, are now visible to all.
Melda Araz, Culture and Promotion Counsellor of the Turkish Embassy in Rome, said Monday advertisements were given to taxis and street cars to promote Turkey in Italy this year.
Regardless of cause and effect, the fact remains that while "mass transit" was always the poor step-child in the transportation world, light rail and street cars along with Complete Streets and transit oriented development, are now visionary and compelling.
The clean, green street cars, described as a cross between buses and the Metro, would run on dedicated bus lanes for part of the route.
Unlike street cars, driving a race car requires uncompromising concentration, Taggart said.
Can Car has already constructed subway cars for the cities of Toronto and Boston, and street cars for Santa Clara, Calif.
The fact that he prefers Champion not only on race day but also in his street cars, dirt bike, boat and other vehicles is a powerful endorsement of our premium plug technologies.
Steve falls for a tranvestite while on a sunshine break in Malta with Street Cars pal Eileen Grimshaw.
Founded in 1949, when the San Fernando Valley had orange groves and street cars that took residents to work in downtown Los Angeles, VICA worked to keep the Valley from becoming merely a bedroom community.
The PTC Product Development System, a combination of Pro/ENGINEER(R), Windchill(R) ProjectLink(TM) and Windchill PDMLink(TM) supports the Maserati engineering team in creating great racing cars derived from street cars, while effectively collaborating and controlling the digital product structure throughout the lifecycle of the vehicles.
You see, there was also a line of yellow street cars, but that one didn't come as far as the Valley, so the red cars quickly became linked to this area.
As the Champ Car organization itself continues to grow in strength and reach for the 2006 season, Mazda's involvement with the Atlantic series will give the company an opportunity to showcase its full lineup of stylish and spirited street cars to an entirely new audience.