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Synonyms for airlift

transportation of people or goods by air (especially when other means of access are unavailable)

fly people or goods to or from places not accessible by other means


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What you're really trying to do is use your tactical airlift and your strategic airlift for what they're designed for: unimproved runways, roll on/roll off capability, going into harm's way and all that stuff"
Because CRAF leverages existing commercial airline capabilities, the DOD focus has always been on strategic airlift.
In Phase 2, (through March 5) the Air Force provided continuing support, including controlling 3,334 Joint Task Force-Haiti sorties, of which 458 were strategic airlift sorties.
As head of the Air Force, I would rather not have to create a micro fleet; and so we're looking at all the possibilities, such as acquiring with a partner, or a lease, or as part of the Strategic Airlift (SALIS) group of countries within North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)].
To conduct its work, GAO reviewed options DOD considered to meet its current and future strategic airlift requirements, and evaluated C-5 modernization and C-17 production line shut down cost estimates.
In "Air Mobility Command: Improving Aircraft Maintenance Team Recovery Processes," the author discusses Air Mobility Command's (AMC) strategic airlift role, identifies AMC's maintenance recovery team (MRT) process, analyzes AMC's historical MRT data for specific improvement opportunities, and where possible, recommends improvements that will lead to an increase in the efficiency of AMC's MRT process.
Four of these initiatives are Strategic Airlift Interim Solution (SALIS), NATO Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC), the Movement Coordination Centre Europe (MCCE), and the new Airbus A400M airlifter.
This initiative involves 15 nations pooling resources, to fill a gap in strategic airlift capability, and will be particularly helpful to ISAF operations.
Included within our fleet are fighters, bombers, and special operations assets to project America's Global Power; tactical airlift, strategic airlift and tankers to ensure America's Global Reach; and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance assets to deliver Global Vigilance.
We have questions to ask about how much this will cost, who will pay and how we will find the strategic airlift capability to make this deployment possible without undermining our air bridge to Iraq and Afghanistan," he said.
By adding sealift, we can effectively use concurrent strategic airlift and sealift to the U.
But the American decision to provide this strategic airlift was not so extraordinary, as the air transport crews had been shuffling Nationalist troops around China, Burma, and India since 1942.
The Canadian Forces presently possess some strategic airlift capacity in a fleet of five CC-150 Polaris aircraft (A310-300 Airbus), which have the capability of traveling long distances without refueling.
Strategic airlift is composed of military airlift and commercial aircraft.
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