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city on the Rhine in eastern France near the German border


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BDIs were classified according to Strassburg Bismuth classification shown in (table-2).
These characters stand in marked contrast, for example, to the knights-errant characters in Arthurian romances where a "great soul" ("anima magna") frequently turns out to be a "skewed soul" ("anima curva"); and Pavel cites several examples of stories by Chretien de Troyes, Gottfried van Strassburg, and others where chaste love is counterbalanced by illicit love, loyalty by betrayal.
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The Strassburg edition of 1513 made things a little easier by taking count of the second letter also of the names, a guide being supplied at the head of each column by printing the initial letter of the names therein, followed by such second letters as occurred in that column*; the references were here to the several columns of the text.
No biographer of Paul Messerschmidt the printer makes reference to the possibility that he became involved in the municipal government, and no one had answered the question raised by the author of Das alte Strassburg.
Clausen, 1905); Johann Adam, Evangelische Kirchengesthichte der Stadt Strassburg (Strassburg: J.
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He made over one third of the observations for the Strassburg AG Zone (i.
However, to give a balanced view we should also analyse how much of this perceived 'gold plating' originates in Brussels or Strassburg and how much is added when Whitehall interprets the legislation into English law.
The early influence of Bethe's father, Privatdozent at Strassburg and later Rektor at Frankfurt University, was very significant.
Es bedarf eine Erklaarung, wie es dazu kam, dass Goethe, der als Student sich um sein Studium in Strassburg kaum kummert, zum leidenscheftlichen Anhanger von Rousseau wurde.
Born in Strassburg, Germany, the son of Jewish mother, Anna Kuhn, and Albrecht Bethe, a physician, known for his work in neurophysiology, Hans began his studies in physics at the University of Frankfurt.
Gottfried von Strassburg wrote which poem Earl of Arundel better known?
Gottfried von Strassburg wrote which poem which in turn inspired a Wagner opera?
Von Padua aus kam der junge Dominikanerbruder zuerst nach Koln, dann nach Hildesheim, Freiburg, Regensburg und Strassburg, wo er jeweils in den Dominikanerkonventen in den Studienhausern des Ordens Station machte.